Pat Quinn

Territory: Flagler County, Florida

Years In Business: 3 years

How does your background qualify you for A Buyer’s Choice?

Prior to joining A Buyer’s Choice, I worked in heavy construction in New York City for three decades. I also built log homes, and small business ownership runs in the family. Through my construction experience, I knew the ins and outs of what makes a home safe and secure. I knew that I wanted to share this with others.

Why did you pick A Buyer’s Choice?

A Buyer’s Choice has great name recognition and very successful branding. I also formed a relationship with my regional owner who helped me make an informed decision.

What kind of support have you gotten from A Buyer’s Choice?

I have a great relationship with my regional owner – he has been there to help me every step of the way, and he has an intimate knowledge of the area in which I operate.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Allocating adequate time to marketing has been challenging, but I’ve been lucky to build some great symbiotic relationships with real estate contacts that have greatly enhanced business.

Can you share a word of wisdom for people looking into A Buyer’s Choice/franchising?

My advice is to stick with it – there’s a lot of money to be made, and A Buyer’s Choice’s proven model stands out from the competition by a mile.